Charles Endicott

US_flag_48_StatesBack when he was coming up there were a half-dozen good daily and afternoon newspapers in Chicago and the competition was brutal. The crime mobs were the big story in those days and a reporter had to be resourceful to stay ahead of the pack. The chumps played loose with the facts to sell papers but the creative types like Endicott were better at working the angles. It may have taken breaking into a murder victim’s apartment to rummage through a diary, impersonating a detective at a crime scene or getting chummy with the precinct cops so that you could sit in on interrogations… Endicott had done it all. What he wouldn’t do was go on the take with the rackets or the corrupt politicians, which ruffled some feathers. A couple of bricks through his windows and a set of slashed tires got his attention, but when a bullet drilled a hole through his hat while he was covering a story, Endicott decided to beat it to take a foreign job with Hearst International News.