Renault R35

Renault R-35-SudetenlandThe Char léger Modèle 1935 R was the most numerous tank in French service during 1938 at more than 1,200. The R35 was a light infantry support tank intended to battle opposing troops and machine gun nests. It was therefore equipped with a short semi-automatic 37mm SA18 L/21 cannon dating to the first World War that was ill-suited to piercing armor plate. As an infantry tank the top speed was intentionally slow at 12 mph to 14 mph. As with most French tanks, the R35 used the inefficient one man APX turret, as well as employing thick cast armor. The plate was between 40mm and 43mm except for the rear of the vehicle, which was 32mm. The R35 also was equipped with one 7.5mm Mitrailleuse mld 1931 machine gun. The engine was an 85hp Renault V-4. The R35 had a two-man crew.