German Ranks

Anschluss-SDuring conversation, many characters in Sudetenland© will often use terms from their own languages to describe something. This is especially true of military ranks. Although exposition in the book will use the English version of a rank nearby when a character uses the domestic term, for those of you who wish to look at a handy reference you can find it here on the website. Following are the military ranks of the Deutsch Heer:

Private Soldat
Lance Corporal Gefreiter
Corporal Obergefreiter
Sergeant Feldwebel
First Sergeant Oberfeldwebel
Chief Sergeant Hauptfeldwebel
Staff Sergeant Stabsfeldwebel
2nd Lieutenant Leutnant
1st Lieutenant Oberleutnant
Captain Hauptmann
Major Major
Lieutenant Colonel Obertsleutnant
Colonel Oberst
Major General Generalmajor
Lieutenant General Generalleutnant
General General
Colonel General Generaloberst
Field Marshall Generalfeldmarschall