French Ranks

Portraits du GŽnŽral de Gaulle dans les fonds de lÕECPAD.During conversation, many characters in Sudetenland© will often use terms from their own languages to describe something. This is especially true of military ranks. Although exposition in the book will use the English version of a rank nearby when a character uses the domestic term, for those of you who wish to look at a handy reference you can find it here on the website. Following are the military ranks of the Armée de Terre:

Private Soldat
Corporal Caporal
Senior Corporal Caporal-chef
Sergeant Sergent
Staff Sergeant Sergent-chef
Warrant Officer Adjudant
Chief Warrant Officer Adjudant-Chef
2nd Lieutenant Sous-Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant Lieutenant
Captain Capitaine
Major Commandant
Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant-Colonel
Colonel Colonel
Brigadier General Général de Brigade
Major General Général de Division
Lieutenant General Général de Corps d’Armee
General Général d’Armee
Field Marshall Meréchal de France