Czechoslovak Ranks

Krejčí Syrový Hodža-SDuring conversation, characters in Sudetenland© will often use terms from their own languages to describe something. This is especially true of military ranks. Although exposition in the book will use the English version of a rank nearby when a character uses the domestic term, for those of you who wish to look at a handy reference you can find it here on the website. Following are the Československá Armáda military ranks:

Private Vojín
Lance Corporal Svobodník
Corporal Desátník
Sergeant Četař
Staff Sergeant Rotný
Chief Warrant Officer Nadpraporčík
Staff Warrant Officer Štábní Praporčík
2nd Lieutenant Poručík
1st Lieutenant Nadporučík
Captain Kapitán
Staff Captain Štábní Kapitán
Major Major
Lieutenant Colonel Podplukovník
Colonel Plukovník
Brigadier General Brigádní Generál
Major General Generálmajor
Lieutenant General Generálporučík
General Armádní Generál