Avia B-534

Avia B-534-SudetenlandThe most advanced fighter in Czechoslovak service during 1938 was the Avia B-534. The aircraft was first taken on by squadrons in the latter half of 1935. The fourth and final production series had an enclosed cockpit, which made it the fastest version. Of the 370 B-534s available in October of 1938, 271 were Series IV. The fighter was equipped with an Hispano-Suiza 12Ydrs liquid-cooled 12-cylinder engine. The B-534 had a top speed of 252 mph at 14,760 feet. Armament was four 7.92mm vz.30 machine guns in the fuselage firing through the Letov Hd-43 two-bladed metal propeller. With a 70-gallon fuel tank capacity, the 850hp engine managed a maximum range of 373 miles.